Buyer/Supplier Network

Connecting suppliers with corporations, institutions and government agencies doing procurement

Employer/Employment Candidates

Matching growing companies seeking staff with viable candidates and supportive knowledge resources for applicants

RFP Listings

Find contract and business opportunities offered by government agencies, corporations, prime contractors, community service organizations, academic institutions

Supplier/Employer capacity building

Helping companies get to their next level with education and financial resources, connections for partnerships and strategic alliances


One-stop shopping for connections, funding sources, financial literacy and knowledge resources

Joint Ventures/Strategic Alliances

Matching growing companies seeking staff with viable employment candidates

Funding Opportunities and Sources

Knowledge, resources and connections to funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, expanding companies

Networks of Diverse Consumers

Find business and organizational customers in many verticals and special interests


Your one-stop business development connector

The HANOJ Exchange is Helping America Negotiate Opportunities and Jobs. We bring together businesses of all sizes and motivated individuals for synergistic growth via partnerships, purchasing and funding resources, education, supplier/employer capacity building, and more.

This Exchange is a service of Jonah Cooper Jr, LLC, which exists to assist corporations, non- profit organizations and entrepreneurs in looking to non-traditional partners to grow their services and their bottom line. We are comprised of consulting experts with long-term and wide-ranging national expertise in the fields of workforce development, leadership development, diversity training, supplier development, business engagement, education & training, healthcare, non-profit management and energy solutions. Jonah Cooper Jr, LLC is committed to helping develop strategic partnerships for the “possible” that might otherwise be overlooked.

Resources for growing businesses


Who Can Use This Exchange?

The HANOJ Exchange connects diverse businesses and individuals for the benefit of all.

Expanding Businesses

Create synergy and growth with opportunities for joint ventures & strategic alliances

Job Hunters

Job hunters are able to search employment listings with a wide range of firms and access financial literacy education at any level

Vendors, Suppliers & Service Providers

Expand your business with a prescreened population of buyers looking for services; Corporate, government and institutional RFP listings


One-Stop Shopping for education and resources; Financial literacy training at all levels; Funding opportunities

Startups and Growing Companies

Funding opportunities and sources; Employment candidates; Funding opportunities and sources

Corporate Procurement

Access to a growing network of screened vendors, suppliers, and service providers with whom you wish to do business


Join our community of business members

For more information on joining the HANOJ Exchange, please write to us here and a representative will be in touch.


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